Numb girl
Distant. Shy. Insecure. You've become so numb...
Which Linkin Park girl are YOU?

Which "Natural Wonder" are you?





Dragons are powerful...
Your A Dragon! Whether your the fire, electric, or
ice dragon, you are very powerful and wise.
Fire Dragons usually live in caves, elctric
dragons live in valleys, and ice dragons live
in mountain tops. A dragon represents wisdom,
magic, love, grace, power, intelligence,
determinotion, hounesty, and freedom. You tend
to be a little explosive when your angry, so aa
dragon can cuase lightning storms, blizzards,
or heatwaves. Dragons are solitorey creatures,
or lay live together, just not near humans.
Whichever dragon you are, you certaintly are a
rare mythical creature.

What Mythical Beast are you?

Du bist ein Dämon!
Du bist ein Daemon!

Was fuer ein Wesen bist du?

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